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City game


ANOMALIE Escape brings to Heilbronn the first Outdoor City Mission with Augmented Reality.


If you are looking for new, exciting and challenging ideas of spending your free time in Heilbronn this is the right place!

You and your team will experience a new gaming dimension. Similar to GEO-Caching, you will navigate with your team to hidden places in Heilbronn, where you will have to solve riddles, complete exciting tasks, discover new locations and great new technology. Your virtual assistant will help you identify the objects from your ActionPack, that will be needed for solving the mysterious puzzles. Do not be afraid! Use Augmented Reality technology and talk to virtual avatars, open magic chests and unveil invisible messages. Get immersed into adventurous stories and walk on the edge between reality and fiction.

The adventures are ideal as weekend activity with your friends, family, colleagues, bachelor party and even as a gift for your loved ones. You will never forget our city missions. Chose today between a fantasy story or a secret agent thriller, where you are the main character!

So do not wait and Pick your game now:


The Magic Portal

Outdoor City Mission with Ipad augmented reality technology and fun puzzles.

Search your environment, solve location-based puzzles, play mini-games with Interactive Holograms and save the world of magic.

Operation Mindfall

Outdoor City Mission with Ipad augmented reality technology and complicated puzzles.

Use secret agent items to inspect documents and objects. Search your environment, combine site-specific puzzles, play mini-games with interactive holograms.