Evil forces are arising in the parallel world of Avoria. They need to be defeated. The reign of the Light is calling on the humans to raise and fight for their world, by gathering the magic crystals. Only with their help the world will be saved from the darkness. However, the guardians of the portal will not make it easy for you, as they are protecting the connection between the two worlds with tricky riddles.

The story leads through the a beautiful story in the center of Heilbronn and combines location based complexed riddles, creative and funny interactions, where you need to do physicall actions, look for solutions or clues i your local area but also iPad mini-games and interaction with virtual avatars. All tasks are designed for you to have loads of fun. But! Do not forget to work as a team and communicate well, in order to succeed as the time is short and all helpful hands matters!

This modern form of scavenger hunt can be played starting from 7 years of age and is thus ideal for families. Our outdoor city mission is great idea for an afternoon or evening with family or friends, unforgettable birthday parties, funny and romantic date or simple way to get kids entertained in a new modern way.