Operation Mindfall

A secret project of the US-Military from the 50’s is threatening the world. The project “MK-ULTRA” was designed to create a virus affecting the human brain and produce this way one of the most powerful weapons in the world. The project had to be stopped 20 years later as a result of public pressure. Unofficially, the project was continued under the company Spider Technologies.

Spider Technologies managed to infiltrate they virus into the global ground water. This virus infiltrates into the brain and allows control over the human reasoning system. Already 20% of the wold has been contaminated. The lurking virus can be activated at any time through an audio-signal over the smartphone.

“SPIDER TECH” must be stopped immediately. To this effect, Operation Mindfall has been initiated, and you have been recruited as secret agents. Heilbronn will be the target for the next virus activation, which will occur in the next hours. We are counting on you to save the city and stop a catastrophe!