The Bunker

It has been a long time since the outbreak of the nuclear war. People found refugee underground and have been living in bunker colonies ever since. Resources come in scarce supply, light is a few minutes a day luxury. Repeated expeditions to the surface have shown every time, that contamination levels are still lethal, making it uninhabitable to live or survive.

During a faulty decontamination procedure, the safety mechanism was damaged and the door leading to the tunnels connecting to the outside world was blocked. Some have gone mad, others have given up hope and await for their last days to come. However, you managed to sneak into the bunker cell controlling center with its last control desk giving you opportunity to the exit. The power station shows signs of activity and you are convinced you can reactivate the door. But can you do it till it will be too late ?

The room explores your ability to think in the dark and coordinate your senses. The riddles combine a play upon lights, sounds, chemistry and tactile exploration of the environment in an after-world setting. Will you maneged to survive and exit the bunker?

Difficulty : 5/5